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Teri Ciocco

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Owner of “Yogis Pay Yogi”

Hi, welcome to Earthling Yoga! I’ve taught yoga since 2007 while teaching middle school science in Grand Junction, Colorado. After retiring from teaching, I opened Earthling Yoga, 200-hour Teacher Training from my home. With my experience as a science teacher and my love of teaching, I felt that there was room for a different style of teaching. An active, playful, and collaborative educational process. Believing that struggle isn’t the only path to growth, I know that kinetic learning experiences can make a lasting positive impression. 

While preparing for my first teacher training class, I was able to have the atmosphere and theme that I envisioned. But it appeared that having teaching material that was engaging and introduced the content at the level necessary for 200-level students. Not wanting to require the students to buy so many books, yet wanting to incorporate the wisdom of so many yogis made the first year of teaching a 200-hour YTT challenging. 

I’ve put the 200-hour YTT on hold for now, and I started and hopes to help yogi teachers to share their creativity and talents with other yogis and energy healers. 

I remain interested in the world of physics, quantum physics, and its links with yoga and the spirit. With the contribution of so many, the science and practice of yoga can grow at an exponential level. “Collective energy has always moved mountains. Here we are as yogis, cracking the code to what it means to be human.” – Teri Ciocco 



I believe a teacher should listen so that the students will be heard.
I believe a teacher should effectively speak so that the students will be interested.
I believe a teacher should plan so that students will get the most out of their time.
I believe that a teacher should use all the resources that they can so that students will be informed.
I believe that a teacher should be flexible so that the direction the learning will be continuously adjusted.
I believe that a teacher should be responsible so that the students have a good role model.
I believe that a teacher should work with ease and grace so that decisions can be made with as little stress as possible.

Teri Ciocco – 2005

My Experience

  • Former Middle School Science Teacher
  • Taught Yoga Since 2007

My Education

  • 500 Hour Yoga Certification
  • 200 Hour 2008, 200 Hour 2009, 300 Hour 2013
  • The University of Colorado -Geology degree

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

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