Earthling yoga 

A home yoga studio 

Teri Ciocco


 Yoga Teacher Trainer and owner of “Yogis Pay Yogi”

Energy Yoga Teacher Training (200YTT)

This yoga training is done in a home boutique setting.  It is based on the theory that learning is best done in a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere.  There needs to be room for on the spot inquiry.   Daytime Classes to begin Fall 2019 .

Yoga for stress reduction and relaxation

This class uses pillows, bolsters, weights and eye pillows to release stress and reset the nervous system. 

Wednesday 5:45 pm – Orchard Mesa Studio

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am – Orchard Mesa Studio

Intermediate yoga

Wednesdays at 9:00 am at the Palisade Community Center.

120 W 8th St, Palisade, CO 81526.

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This class consists of a slower paced vinyasa for about 10 minutes. 20 minutes of poses held with enough time to use props.  The rest of the class is relaxing  wind down to savasana.

1 hour and 15 minutes is $8 drop in
6 classes (7 1/2 hours  total) for $42



Meditation instruction

Call of appointment or phone consultation. 970-270-1023

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Detailed instruction, consultation or simply a joint meditative experience.

1 hour and 15 minutes is $75.
3 sessions (3 hours and 45 minutes total) for $185


Private session

Call of appointment or phone consultation. 970-270-1023

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This session will address your health goals or lifestyle concerns.  Held at the Earthling Yoga studio in Orchard Mesa

1 hour and 15 minutes is $70.
3 sessions (3 hours and 45 minutes total) for $180


Yoga for stress relief and relaxation

Wednesdays at 5:45 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am.

Earthling yoga Orchard Mesa studio 3151 Maddie Ct. 81503.

Best For

Stress management and lifestyle goals. Find a deeper level of relaxation with passive yoga positions with the use of pillows, bolsters, eye pillows, sand bags and soft music.  This class is held is a small home studio in a boutique like setting.

1 hour and 15 minutes is $10 drop in
6 classes (7 1/2 hours  total) for $54


Be curious about love 

When we expand our compassion and understanding whether is it for ourselves or others, then the world is better for it.  I truly believe that a positive action creates ripples in pond which will move others to make more ripples of good will.  So therefore my goal as a teacher is to improve the world in some small way with the talents that have been given to me.


1. Yamas
Yamas are the moral qualities necessary to reconnect us with our Soul nature. They include peacefulness, truthfulness, generosity, self-control and appreciation. Foundational to our well-being, these practices make our lives more comfortable and spiritually fulfilling.
2. Niyamas
The second limb is comprised of the niyamas, observances that help us to integrate our inner and outer experience and create a more harmonious life. They include purification, contentment, right effort, self-reflection and devotion. As a result of cultivating these, we can expect to feel more whole, balanced and free.
3. Asana
Asana is the practice of right posture to create a stable physical body that can sit at ease in meditation. Although the most accessible of the limbs, asana was never meant to be practiced alone as simple exercise. Designed as a means to an end, asana creates health in the physical body enabling it to be quiet and support the mind in doing the same. When body and mind are quiet, consciousness can transcend identification with the physical and remember its divine nature.
4. Pranayama
The control and management of the subtle life force currents is pranayama. After stilling body and mind, we are meant to direct the prana, or life force, at will and move into subtler realms of awareness.
5. Pratyahara
The practice of internalizing the senses is pratyahara. By unplugging from outer stimuli, giving the senses some down time, we overcome attachments and desires and move closer to the inner domain of pure awareness. This is an essential step toward the ability to meditate.
6. Dharana
Dharana is the practice of single-pointed concentration. Once the senses have been controlled and withdrawn, we choose an inner point of focus. Dharana is the practice of training the mind toward a point of devotional attention that envelopes our whole being.
7. Dhyana
Once the mind and body have been stabilized and focused, then the state of stillness or meditation can be achieved. Here, consciousness flows continuously inward rather than outward, and peace is experienced. This is dhyana, or meditation.
8. Samadhi
The ever-present, ever-fresh bliss that is experienced when individual consciousness is reunited with the Universal Consciousness is samadhi. There are many levels to samadhi, some lasting only momentarily. When the final stage is reached, consciousness has been mastered and the soul merges again with its Source.

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